Choreography: Amélia Conrado
Music: José Ricardo Sousa and North-east Folklore

During the conquests of Bahia’s interior lands in the North-east of Brazil, as well as other Brazilian States, there were great confrontations between the old CORONÉIS, the landowners, and respectively, the POSSEIROS, the poor people in search of a piece of land to cultivate and to live on. As these poor inhabitants during leisure times danced on the arid earth typical of the “Sertão” (Brazilian desert), there was produced a particular sound as verbally defined as Xaxado (shashado). Reminiscent of the conquest of the American West, the plot of Xaxado included as well, the Force of the Justice for the poor, the outlaws, the CANGACEIROS who lived in the “Caatinga”, a sparse forest, delivering justice in defense of the oppressed against the rich and powerful masters. Such real outlaws are the historic characters LAMPIÃO and MARIA BONITA.